Avant Garde Motorsports

The Avant Garde Motorsports Company is Edmonton’s most extensive Luxury and Exotic Automobile dealership. We started early mid nineteen nineties, with the process of catering to the aftermarket specialty equipment industry for motor sports has lead us to modifying and delivering the most prestige names in the Automobile world. At AGM, we focus on providing the best examples of the products, services and commitment. The Company offers worldwide shipping and in some cases, hand deliver product with the full intent to provide our clients with the comfort and confidence in the purchase from our attractive profile. As our Company expansion’s into the International market, there is considerable expertise in the Import/Export area into any Country in the World, as well, to search for the most desirable, sought after and most rare Automobiles around for our clients. With our AG MotorCar Club, the experience of driving a Luxury Exotic is also a added feature to our current list of services. Not only do we offer Fine Automobiles for purchase, we offer much aftermarket support to enhance the performance and cosmetics to your vehicle. Our Garage Works Automotive department offers modifications to any Automobile such as full detailing, paint correction, paint protection packages, window film tinting, windshield protection, full color change body wraps and 12 Volt services. Any option is obtainable where we may modify your automobile to your specific needs and deliver with a proud relationship in return.

David Lee