2008 Porsche Cayman S

The Cayman was purchased new from Norden Autohaus. It is a 2008 model equipped with the following options from the factory – Bi-xenon headlights, 3 spoke leather steering wheel, self dimming mirrors, auto climate control, sport chrono pkg, fire extinguisher, floor mats. The project mandate was to build a Cayman that would feel like a faster, more focused car than what the factory offered. Porsche is reluctant to allow their mid engine cars to have enough horsepower, and a tighter suspension so as not to step into 911 territory. With this in mind and armed with considerable resources ( R&D and forums) we set out to build the most focused street/track Cayman, utilizing as many factory proven upgrades ( 911 and GT3/GT3Rs parts) as possible to achieve a factory “feel”,bulletproof reliability and refinement. The project was undertaken by Norden Performance, built by factory trained technicians, overseen by myself and the service manager at Norden Autohaus. Every step in the build process was planned with great attention to detail, with checks and counter checks along the way. Many months of exhaustive research about the best way to build each part of the car where analyzed and decisions made accordingly. To summarize, I am confident you will not find a better built Cayman project car anywhere! The Cayman has approximately 400 hp, weighs about 2800-2900 lbs, corners like its on rails, out accelerates 911 Carrera S, and will stay with a GT3 till about 90 mph! The following was used to create this super Cayman.

911 X51 clubsport motor ( 381 hp) from factory in Germany
Supersprint Exhaust ( 200 cell sport mufflers)
Sachs performance clutch ( street drivability for X51 Carrera)
GT3 sway bars front & rear
KW suspension V3 ( fully adjustable ride height, compression & rebound dampening)
Modified X51 headers ( better than aftermarket headers, highest hp on dyno)
B&M short shift kit ( more precise than factory short shift, easy to use no notchiness)
Tarret Engineering suspension modifications ( as used on 911 Gt3, Carrera prepared track cars, compliant bushings good on street or track)
Forgeline 19 inch forged wheels with custom widths front & rear, built to correct offset
Techart front splitter (creates front end down force, painted body color and covered in 3M protective film)
SpeedArt rear spoiler mounted in factory position ( creates balanced aerodynamics, complementing front splitter)
Custom air filter
REVO performance tuning software ( perfectly set up for this application, smooth power,loads of torque, manic redline rush, super drivability)
GT3 996 factory lightweight seats with 6 point harness ( use regular seat belts for daily driving, harness can be un-tied at track and tied back down after)
Custom half cage (built to look like factory rear cage in GT3, very clean look, does not get in the way)
there’s more, would be happy to discuss some of the smaller details with you. As can be appreciated a lot of money was invested in making this all happen, I am realistic about the fact that a lot of money will never be recovered on sale. Hoping that this very special car finds a good home and an owner who will appreciate and enjoy it to the fullest.